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About us

Ganapati Sabata Foundation is an NGO established in the state of Odisha and caters to Ganjam and Khordha areas. Ganapati Sabata Foundation NGO has its registered office in Behrampur in Odisha and is registered in Chatrapur district. The NGO is registered with Registrar of societies by their promoters- Sankarsan Padhy and Vikas Kumar Sabata.

The NGO deals with key issues related to Animal Husbandry, Dairying & Fisheries, Agriculture, Art and Culture, Biotechnology, Children, Civic Issues, Disaster Management, Drinking water, education and literacy, Environment, food processing, health and family welfare, Information and Communication Technology, Legal Awareness & Aid, Land Resources, Micro Finance for small and medium household groups and enterprises, New and Renewable energy sources, nutrition, panchayati raj, rural development & poverty alleviation and scientific & industrial research and much more.

Education has been a key growth indicator of a country. In a developing country like India, a larger emphasis on education needs to be done in order to create a civilized and developed society for a brighter future. So here comes Ganapati Sabata Foundation that works as an NGO and whose major focus is education for a long period of time and is named after Late Ganapati Sabata who was a social worker working towards the cause of imparting education to under privileged section of the society in Odisha. He established this nonprofit organization with an aim to provide free education to poor section in order to evolve the lower strata of the income group. Late Ganapati Sabata was successful in creating a pool of education in various districts in Odisha and after his demise, various supporters are now working towards taking forward the vision of Late Ganapati Sabata to educate the villagers in various districts of Odisha thereby creating a wise name for Ganapati Sabata Foundation NGO in Odisha.

Ganapati Sabata Foundation NGO has evolved over a period of time and has covered various other issues which concern the society as a whole. Hence issues like animal husbandry, art and culture, health and family welfare, HIV and AIDS awareness are some key pointers on which Ganapati Sabata Foundation NGO is educating the people of Odisha through regular sessions. Information about the various agriculture methods for effective growth and maximum output is taught to the farmers, education is imparted to people on various topics of art and culture in order to keep the society values intact as well as create a sense of creativity amongst the people.

From medical perspective, Ganapati Sabata Foundation NGO is creating awareness in the people of Odisha by imparting elaborative teaching sessions on communicable diseases such as HIV and AIDS which needs to curb down. The NGO is now more focused towards complete human development which could bring about a change in the society with the engagement of lower section of the society in the mainstream. Additionally,with its continuous effort in various sections of the society, Ganapati Sabata Foundation NGO has been receiving continuous monetary help from government as well as various Individuals which are willing to donate some part of their incomes as a contribution towards the welfare of poorer people in the society.

As an NGO, Ganapati Sabata Foundation has been successful in creating an impact with their constant efforts in bringing about a change in the society.

It is the moral duty of every individual to contribute something to the society for its betterment and forming Ganapati Sabata NGO is just one single effort of ours.

With this gesture of ours, Ganapati Sabata wishes to enrich and inspire the lives of people who are needy and wishes to build hope in all.